Welcome to my photography website! My name is Sandeep and I was born in London, UK and lived there until 2015. Home is now the crazy wonderful New York City!

I often get asked why I love photography? And I’ve always given the same answer. I love it because I can freeze life into moments and share them as memories. I can also mould the world around us and present it how I would like the real world to be.

For me, photography is the one thing in today's world that lets you pause moments and relive them over and over. There are very few things in life that give you this gift.

The goal of showcasing my work is to hopefully draw a few smiles and inspire others. I want my photos to take you on a journey and overwhelm you with emotions.

I’ll be using the blog section of my website for news and insights into some of my other loves such as music and fashion. So do come back.

Thank you for stopping by and do reach out to me if I can help you with any of your projects. If you’ve liked what I’ve put together so far, please do hit the share buttons on the site and post to your social pages. If you have any feedback please do share via the contact section below.

Bye for now.
Sandeep Davada